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The practice follows the GDC guidelines Standards for the Dental Team: ‘Principle 3, Obtain Valid Consent’. We treat patients politely and with respect, in recognition of their dignity and rights as individuals. We also recognise and promote our patients’ responsibility for making decisions about their bodies, their priorities and their care and make sure we do not take any steps without a patient’s consent (permission).

The clinical team member will always obtain valid consent before starting treatment or physical investigation, or providing personal care for a patient, because patients have a right to choose whether or not to accept advice or treatment. Clinical team members are adequately trained to ensure that the patient has:

  • Enough information to make a decision (informed consent)

  • Made a decision (voluntary decision-making)

  • The ability to make an informed decision (capacity)

For a full copy of our consent policy please refer to our patient handbook in reception

Duty of candour policy


It is the aim of the practice to comply with the duty of candour requirements from the GDC and the CQC Regulation 20. The whole team are open and honest with people who use services when things go wrong with their care and treatment.

For a full copy of our duty of candour policy please refer to our patient handbook in reception

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