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Oral Health


Post Extraction Advice

A clean and healthy mouth aids healing.

The following steps will help prevent bleeding and relieve soreness:

REST: Rest for a few hours following treatment and avoid strenuous exercise.

RINSING: Do not rinse for at least 5 hours.  For several days following rinse your mouth out gently with warm salt water after meals and before going to bed.  Hold the solution in your mouth for a few minutes, gently spit out and repeat 2-3 times.

FOOD: Avoid hot fluids, alcohol, hard or chewy foods.  Instead choose cool drinks and soft foods.  Avoid putting your tongue near the extraction site or interfering with the wound.

BLEEDING: Should slight bleeding occur, sit upright with head and shoulders raised.  Apply pressure using a small pad of gauze clamped firmly between jaws for around 20 minutes.  Repeat if necessary.  If heavy bleeding continues for longer than an hour and the practice is open please call us.  If we are closed visit your local A&E or call the NHS helpline on 111.

PAIN: Take painkillers if necessary.

SMOKING: Please avoid smoking for at least 72 hours.

Antibiotic Therapy

Advice For Patients On Antibiotic Therapy

1. Read and follow the instructions on the label of the antibiotic carefully

2. Complete the full course of antibiotic as prescribed

3. If you have any adverse reaction, stop taking the antibiotic and report to your dentist immediately

4. Do not consume alcohol with the antibiotic called “Metronidazole” also called “Flagyl”. It can cause nausea and vomiting

5. Important information if you are taking the oral contraceptive pill:- Occasionally, the antibiotic may interfere with the way the oral contraceptive pill works. This has the effect of making the contraceptive pill less effective. Accordingly, you are advised to use additional methods of contraception whilst taking your course of antibiotics, and for 7 days after stopping the antibiotic. However, you should continue to take your contraceptive pill in the normal way.

For more information please download this leaflet from the NHS regarding Antibiotic prescribing

Antibiotic therapy advice
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